Monday, January 6, 2014

Mid-Season Check In with Andrew Wiggins

With the college season part way through, I have decided to take a look at the top 5 prospects, their season stats, and what each of these players can provide to a team most likely to end up in the NBA Lottery this season. Our first review is of Canada's own Andrew Wiggins, also referred to as "Maple Jordan".

Player Profile:

NAME: Andrew Wiggins
H: 6-8

W: 200
SCHOOL: Kansas Jayhawks (F)
HOMETOWN: Thornhill, ON

2013-2014 NCAA Stats (courtesy of ESPN):

MIN: 31.5 
FG%: .452
3P%: .311
FT%: .766
REB: 5.4
AST: 1.4
BLK: 0.9
STL: 1.0
FOULS: 2.2
PTS: 15.8

Draft Prediction: Lottery Pick 1-3                                                                                
Possible Teams: Milwaukee Bucks, Utah Jazz, Orlando Magic

In my opinion, Wiggins placement in the 2014 NBA Draft realistically depends on where the lottery teams finish. I see him most likely ending up in Orlando next year season, and my guess is it will be around the third pick. Milwaukee is the current favourite to grab the number one pick, however anything can happen as we've seen in past draft lotteries. Wiggins will provide any team with a long body and quick guard. He takes high percentage shots and is not afraid to shoot the three ball if needed. He does need some work when it comes to sharing the rock, which is something most young players need to develop. I feel Wiggins' player development is going to be what might make him slip to third in the draft. Fellow 2014 draft prospect Jabari Parker (SG, Duke) has the edge over Wiggins in my opinion. Parker shows more raw talent and emotion in games, which again could come in time with Wiggins. However scouts will look heavily towards a player who provides that emotion now, rather than in a couple years of playing with the "big boys".

Keep posted for next weeks edition of the Check In, when I take a look at Duke shooting guard, Jabari Parker.

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